Workshops, Presentations, and Teaching

We can create workshops, presentations, or teaching modules for groups, as well as 1:1 advising on a variety of topics related to ethics, technology, and software design,

from $150/hr.


We can provide beautiful, efficient code for virtually any back-end project using Rust or Scala. Our developer also has proficiency in Python and an interest in Idris.

Inquire based on project


We can produce written reports complete with robust research citations on a variety of topics. Want us to look into the feasibility of a project? Provide some recommendations for an ethical dilemma? Create a white paper or technical spec? We can do all that and more.

Inquire based on project

Ethics Consulting

Our ethics consulting is an in-depth services which looks at your product or issue and outlines potential ethical conflicts. We can then identify and lead consultations with potential stakeholders, conduct research, and provide concrete recommendations for positive change moving forward.

from $75/hr.