Michael Birch, M.Sc.

Michael Birch (he/him) is a senior back-end developer specializing in blockchain technology, particularly as a core contributor at the protocol level. He has 5+ years of experience with writing production software using the Rust programing language, as well as prior experience using Scala to solve Big Data problems. Michael loves clean code, and applying functional programming principles to write maintainable, efficient and scalable software. He is experienced at presenting to a wide variety of audiences as well as teaching 1:1. His background in physics, math, and scientific computing means he has strong problem solving skills to tackle any challenge.

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Lynne Sargent, Ph.D

Lynne Sargent (they/she) holds a Ph.D in applied philosophy from the University of Waterloo and specializes in assessing the impacts of emerging technologies on vulnerable groups. They bring strong research, writing, and presentation skills to bear on any task. Some of their recent projects involve: looking at the impact of assistive technologies on conceptions and experiences of disability, assessing fairness and bias in AI and ML technologies, and evaluating the use of social media in long term care homes. They also write for a popular audience on a variety of social and philosophical topics from an intersectional feminist lens on their blog, https://moralguillotines.wordpress.com/. In their spare time they publish as a science fiction writer and poet, speculating and posing solutions to the challenges of the future.

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