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RChain Blockchain Structure (Denver, 2018)
RChain Consensus Protocol (RCon3, Berlin, 2018)
CasperLabs Live Demo at (Consensus Conference, New York, 2019)
Cryprocurrencies to Cryptokitties and Beyond (Can-Con Ottawa, 2019)

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How Does Ability Influence Feminism? (Waterloo Women’s Center, September 2021)

The Hospital Poems: A Vehicle for Teaching Microethics? Workshop (Canadian Bioethics Society Conference, May 2019)


The Techno-Inclusive Model of Disability: Motivations, Influences, and Applications

AI Bias in Healthcare: Using ImpactPro as a Case Study for Healthcare Practitioners’ Duties to Engage in Anti-Bias Measures

Cyborgification and the Disabled Body


Moral Guillotines (Blog)

Using Social Media to Promote Autonomy in Long Term Care Homes (White Paper) (Two-Pager)